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Narrow aisle trucks - with elevating cabin

These trucks are equipped with an elevating cabin and allows the machine to perform such operations as cargo stacking and picking of orders at high altitudes within confined spaces. The model range of narrow aisle trucks of ВТ Vector С-series (VCE100-VCE135) with a load capacity from 1 to 1.35 tons is able to handle cargo at a height of up to 13.6 metres.  
The model range of BT Vector А-series (VCE125ASF-VCE150A) has articulated chassis for optimal stability and movement within extremely confined premises, thereby, ensuring a large area for storage. Load capacity of this series is up to 1.5 tons with a possibility to handle cargo at a height of up to 14.8 metres. Motion control of narrow aisle trucks along with operator’s cabin elevation is performed via slide rails or the induction cable.


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m Manual picking height , m  
VCE100 1000 9.5 9.9 Check the price
VCE120 1200 9.5 9.9 Check the price
VCE135 1350 13.6 14 Check the price
VCE150A 1500 14.8 14.25 Check the price
VCE125ASF 1250 13.3 14.25 Check the price

Aisle width to 1660 mm.

BT Vector C-series
Features of VCE100/VCE120/VCE135 models:
  • Equipped with stable chassis and a two-section mast;
  • The control panel of these models is separated into the left and the right part, ensuring easy and quick rearrangement for operator’s convenience;
  • Regenerating system of brakes and lowering allows increasing the battery life;
  • VCE135 model can be equipped both with a turning bogie and shuttle forks with two or three-stage frame;
  • Ergonomic cabin and fingertip control provide excellent conditions for operator’s work;
  • All models are easily and quickly assembled on-site
BT Vector А-series
Features of VCE150A/VCE125ASF models:
  •  Excellent access and visibility of the handled cargo;
  • The bogie is equipped with shuttle forks which move right and left relative to the machine;
  • Jointed chassis with double support rollers significantly improves stability of the stacker and its running features on undergrade floors.
  • The models have four-point structure which increases stability and decreases loading on the floor;
  • High stability in combination with Optipace speed control function ensures the maximum running speed even at the maximum lift height, that also reduces cargo handling time;
  • All models are equipped with an Advanced Lift System (improved cargo lift system) which reduces energy consumption during the lifting cycle.
  • Models are equipped with the integrated control panel with a big color display which allows each operator to adjust operational parametres individually.

Possibility to choose the width of chassis and the cabin for any conditions of your warehouse.