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Floor cleaning machines - with manual control

Floor cleaning machines with manual control manufactured by Fionertini and TSM companies are very practical, convenient and reliable. Having a compact design they perfectly deal with floor cleaning tasks. Constant pressure on brushes is performed when cleaning, that guarantees the best and even surface cleaning result. Brushes are adjusted quickly and simply; the water filter is larger and the tank filling is easier; the draining hose provides easy control of water discharge. These features and a simple access to machine’s components are the advantage of its daily maintenance. 
Data on the most demanded models is given below. If necessary, our experts will help you to pick a machine according to your request, taking into accountpeculiarities of your work. 


Model The working efficiency sq.m./hour Clean water tank, l Main/battery operation  
Fiorentini Delux 55 BR 2100 45/50 storage battery Check the price
Fiorentini ICM 32/N 3500 130/135 storage battery Check the price
Fiorentini Giampy 20E 2000 50 mains Check the price
Grande brio 50B/50Е (TSM) 1800 37 mains Check the price

Fiorentini machines:
  • Distinguished by the elegant modern design;
  • Highly-maneuverable;
  • Simple operation;
  • The optimal length of the network cable for FiorentiniGiampy 20E model is 20 m. It is important to know that a significant increase in the cable length leads to machine overload and may cause premature failure of engines.
Grande brio 50B/50E (TSM) models:
  • The capacity of the battery and a large tank ensure greater work autonomy;
  • A constant pressure of 35 kg on the brush is applied when cleaning, that ensures the best and uniform cleaning of surfaces;
  • Easy to use, highly effective and completely reliable;
  • GRANDE BRIO 50 is fully mechanical without complex electronics;
  •  Foldable handle, large wheels and the additional third wheel provide easy transportation and movement;
  •  Parabolic girder (75 cm) provides thorough cleaning and drying;
  •  Brushes are adjusted quickly and easily: without the use of tools;
  • Safely mounted tanks on the steel body with the easy access guarantee the extended operation, ensuring quicker and easier maintenance of the machine. 

The standard scope of delivery of Fiorentini machines includes:
  • Floor cleaning machine;
  • Medium stiffness nylon disc brush;
  • Accumulator battery and a charging device;
  • Suction girder.
The standard scope of delivery of TSM machines includes:
  • Floor cleaning machine;
  • Foldable handle;
  • Control panel;
  • Fixtures for the disc brush;
  • Medium stiffness nylon disc brush (diameter 50 cm), 1 un.
  • Suction girder;
  • Rubber squeegee to collect water, 2 un.
  • Rubberized wheels for easy movement;
  • Accumulators, 2 un.
  • Built-in charging device.