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(Powered) stackers

ВТ Staxio powered stackers allow to decrease scope of operations for all trucks and are suitable for wide range of loading/unloading operations, such as stacking, horizontal transportation of loads, order picking. They have lifting capacity of up to 2 tonnes and lifting height of up to 6.3 meters. Rounded design, location and size of the control lever, as well as excellent view due to BT Totalview system installed in all models of BT stackers allow effective maneuvering in different areas, including confined ones, to the operator. All models are equipped with highly efficient and reliable maintenance-free alternating-current motors. It is important to note that all models are suitable for use in low-temperature or cold rooms.
Our company offers the below described powered stackers for any applications: pedestrian, stand-in, rider-seated. 


They are used for material handling applications of low to moderate intensity.
  • Load Capacity to 2000 kg
  • Lift height to 5,4 m

With platform

ВТ Р-Series stacker trucks are equipped with the driver’s platform and are used for warehousing operations for stacking and long-distance horizontal transportation of loads.

  • Load Capacity to 2000 kg
  • Lift height to 6 m


ВТ Staxio S-Series stand-in stackers are equipped with closed and ergonomic cabin, where the driver works in standing position.

  • Load Capacity to 1600 kg
  • Lift height to 6.3 m


ВТ Staxio R-Series powered stackers have a special cabin with adjustable seat for the operator’s comfort. 

  • Load Capacity to 1600 kg
  • Lift height to 6.3 m