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Powered Pallet Trucks - rider-seated

ВТ R-Series rider seated powered pallet trucks have the seated-cab design, which provides maximum driver’s safety and ergonomics to increase performance. These powered pallet trucks are used for intensive and heavy operations on loading and unloading for long-distance transportation of loads. Powered pallet trucks can be used on inclined and uneven surfaces too due to vertical lift clearance.   
    Large-power alternating current motor with maximum traveling speed of 15 km/h significantly increases performance. 


Model Capacity, kg Battery capacity (Аh)  
LRE200 2000 620 Check the price
LRE300/LRE300T 3000 840/1000 Check the price

Maximum speed to 19.9 km/h.

ВТ R-Series seated powered pallet trucks have the following features:
  • Cushioned and comfortable cabin decreasing vibration;
  • Adjustable seat, steering wheel and pedal
  • Set-up/programming of individual code for the operator
  • Usable lifting forks, which help easily to place the picked load to the pallet;
  •  Availability of ВТ Optipace system, which automatically adjusts speed, acceleration and deceleration of the truck subject to the lift height;
  • Two motor drives and energy-plus battery allowing speed of up to 19.9 km/h.  

On the Customer’s request, the below stated and other options may be included: 
  • Overhead guard for additional protection of the operator; 
  • Choice of fork length up to 3590mm, which allow using the powered truck for long-distance transportation of several pallets.