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Reach trucks - rider-seated

Compact Toyota 8FBRE rider-seated reach trucks were specially designed for incredibly small turning radius. These reach trucks are designed for work in tight and high warehouses with pallet racks. They have ergonomic working space and a low level of noise. 
BT rider-seated reach trucks were designed for operations of various degrees of intensity. The system of alternating current engine saves operational costs and increases the operation rate. BT reach trucks proved to have the excellent speed, quick lift and braking. All models are installed with special interfaces which are easy to program and control. 


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up, mm  
Toyota 6FBRE12 1200 7000 Check the price
Toyota 6FBRE16 1400 8500 Check the price
Toyota 6FBRE20 1600 8500 Check the price
BT RRE140 1400 9000 Check the price
BT RRE160 1600 10500 Check the price
BT RRE180 1800 11000 Check the price
BT RRE200 2000 12500 Check the price
BT RRE250 2500 12500 Check the price

For Toyota 8FBRE rider-seated reach trucks it is possible to equip the forklifts with masts of the extended height of 3000 mm to 8500 mm depending on model.

Toyota reach trucks can be distinguished with the following features:
  • Compact sizes of reach trucks allow handling with cargo in conditions of a constrained warehouse area
  • Open view mast and the excellent visibility of fork tips
  • Simple boarding and alighting thanks to a low level of the floor
  • Pluggable analyzer allows checking all important functions in the process of a maintenance support
  • Battery extension electric mechanism allows performing regular battery checks that extends its service life.

Having the same features (specified in the table), BT reach trucks are represented by the following series designed for operation in various warehouse conditions:
  • BT Reflex E-series is equipped with a unique tilted operator's cabin. Possibility to tilt the cabin ensures minimum straining of operator's neck and shoulders
  • Reach trucks of BT Reflex E-series are recommended for heavy loads, as well as for handling with heavy cargo on high altitudes
  • BT Reflex M-series with narrow chassis 1,200mm. Perfectly suitable for light and medium-intensity warehousing works or low frequency operation
  • The maximum load capacity is up to 1,600 kg with the maximum lift height of up to 8,500 mm
  • Cold Store series is designed for operations in cold warehouses, freezing chambers – up to -35° C
  • Installation of heated or regular cabin with the tilt function or without it is possible
Moreover, BT reach trucks have the following particular features:
  • Wide visibility model
  • The arrangement of pedals is similar to an automobile (for maximum convenience and safety)
  • Automated parking brake
  • Smooth continuous lift
  • Turn of the steering wheel - 360 degrees
  • Simultaneous hydraulics control
  • Control by means of buttons or a joystick
  • Heavy duty model and gearbox