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Towing tractors - stand-in

Toyota stand-in towing tractors are developed to increase performance, provide safety and comfort. They have low operator platforms which are irreplaceable in operations on picking of orders with operator’s participation. The alternating current engine ensures durability and reliability requiring minimum maintenance. The model range of stand-in towing tractors have multi-sided visibility and increased safety.  
Towing tractors can work in diverse conditions, such as: port logistics, production lines, airports, railroad stations, etc.


Model Towing force up, kg Turning radius, mm  
4CBTY2 2000 1600 Check the price
4CBTYK4 4000 1600 Check the price
CBTY4 4000 1600 Check the price

Maximum speed to 13.5 km/h

Toyota stand-in towing tractors have the following features:
  • 48 volt electric system and the alternating current engine
  • Access to narrow working passageways thanks to the compact body frame
  • Excellent visibility
  • Low operator’s platform
  • Adjustable backrest
  • 4CBT models have rounded structure of the rear chassis
  • CBT model provides quick change of its battery for multiple shift operation and a small steering wheel for control
  • Availability of the OPS system (Operator Presence Sensing)