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Forklifts Leasing

Machinery Leasing

For enterprises which core business activities are carried out during a particular season period, a good solution to the problem of conserving capital for its core business is leasing of a forklift. 

Forklift leasing has a number of advantages:
  • Firstly, it allows you to expand your machinery fleet with minimal capital outlay;
  • Secondly, you will solve your production tasks avoiding distraction of your attention on the matters which can be entrusted to professionals;
  • Thirdly, it will be possible to provide accurate forecasting of forklift costs in the absence of necessity to additionally pay for maintenance and repair of the forklift. 
HINO MOTORS KAZAKHSTAN is offering you the most favourable terms and conditions of Toyota forklifts leasing. Also we guarantee normal operation of the machinery over the entire period of its service life and the service support thereof. High quality of the Toyota and BT products, as well as more than 100 years of total experience are the guarantee of reliability and high quality of the products irrespective of the machinery lease period. 

Offer for Lease of Warehousing Machinery



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