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Forklifts (diesel) - 10 to 24 tons

These powerful, environmentally friendly and operator comfortable 4-series heavy duty forklifts are produced in the rated load capacity range of 10 tons to 24 tons and with the lift height of up to 6 meters. Such forklifts are designed for heavy handling operations. In addition, for the first time a new ECO term has been created to be used for these heavy duty forklifts. 
As an option it is possible to install a special cabin. 
The 4-series heavy duty forklifts are always ready for any challenges!


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Model Capacity, kg Turning radius (outside), mm  
4FD100 10000 4000 Check the price
4FD120 12000 4000 Check the price
4FD150 15000 4950 Check the price
4FD180 18000 4950 Check the price
4FD200 20000 5000 Check the price
4FD240 24000 5900 Check the price

The standard lift height - 3000 mm. Also it is possible to equip the forklifts with masts of the extended height of 3000 mm to 6000 mm.

High-capacity and operator comfort of Toyota 4-series heavy duty forklifts:
  • A new automatic transmission with double-speed option for selection of the engine capacity and movement speed
  • Reliable brake system
  • Simultaneous use of the main pump and the steering booster, ensuring high-performance during cargo handling operations
  • Delivery of pure air to the forklift engine through a tube
  • Fully floating system for thoroughgoing comfort
  • Convenient location of sensors and counters/meters
  • Optimal space for an operator

In production of forklifts, Toyota placed the highest value on safety in operation of lift trucks. The System of Active Stability (SAS) based on innovative technologies is able to reduce the risk of accidents. This system is added with the intelligent Operator Presence Sensing System (OPS) which ensures operational safety of operators.Detailed 
The 4-Series heavy duty forklifts have a reliable 6-cylinder 7.4-liter diesel direct-injection engine. This engine ensures high capacity/power and driving torque within the entire rotation interval for excellent movement and cargo handling.

Engine Type                                                 Diesel
Producer                                                       TOYOTA
Engine Model                                               hino 14Z
Engine displacement (cc)                            7684
Engine rated brake power (kW)/rpm        128/2300 (159/2300)
Driving torque at rated load (Nwm)/rpm  640/1600 (750/2300)

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