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Powered Pallet Trucks

  Simple and convenient in service, the powered pallet trucks ВТ Levio meet all current conditions when handling the different types of loads at the warehouse and other premises. In contrast to hydraulic trucks, the powered trucks allow increasing the speed of handling of materials, thereby lightening the work of the operator and providing high productive capacity, safety and quality of operations. BT powered trucks are equipped with the alternating-current motor, Powerdrive technology, and emergency stop system. Powered trucks models are characterized by compact design; with ergonomic tiller arm and rounded chassis, they provide clear view and increased maneuverability. 
    Subject to peculiarities of warehousing operations, we offer the following BT powered trucks series: 


ВТ W-series pedestrian powered pallet trucks are perfect for horizontal pallet transportation and for low to medium intensity order picking.

  • Load Capacity to 2500 kg
  • Maximum speed to 6 km/h

With platform

Specially designed for long-distance intensive operations.

  • Load Capacity to 2400 kg
  • Maximum speed to 12 km/h


Multipurpose S-series stand-in powered pallet truck is designated for wide range of operations, such as loading and unloading, work on platforms and ramps, horizontal long-distance load transportation.

  • Load Capacity to 2000 kg
  • Maximum speed to 10.5 km/h


Provides maximum driver’s safety and ergonomics to increase performance. 

  • Load Capacity to 3000 kg
  • Maximum speed to 19.9 km/h