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Reach trucks - four-way

Four-way reach truck of BT Reflex F-series is irreplaceable when handling with long cargo (cargos within the loading gage) and standard pallets in small-sized warehouses and premises. This model is equipped with analternating current engine and has such features as running forward, backward and in any lateral direction. For-way design of this model ensures excellent stability and allows handling with cargo even on rough and uneven surfaces. The maximum load capacity of this model is up to 2,700 kg, lift height - up to 8,000 mm.


Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m Battery capacity (Аh)  
FRE270 2700 8 750 Check the price

Maximum running speed to 8 km/h

BT Reflex FRE270 model has the following features:
  • Movement of machines is performed in four directions
  • Hydraulic fork separation up to 2.22 m
  • Operator's position in this model faces the cargo, that ensures quick and effective handling with long cargos
  • Possibility to perform lateral change of the battery
  • Possibility to handle both standard pallets and long cargos
  • Excellent lifting and breaking features
  • Spacious cabin provides comfort to the operator
  • Easily-programmable parametres – increase of the running speed, responsiveness of the steering wheel 

The maximum load capacity of this model is up to 2700 kg, lift height - up to 8000 mm. This model can be equipped with a positioner which has a fork, the expansion range of which is 540-2220 mm.