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Powered Pallet Trucks - stand-in

Multipurpose S-series stand-in powered pallet truck is designated for wide range of operations, such as loading and unloading, work on platforms and ramps, horizontal long-distance load transportation. This powered truck is compact and highly maneuverable. This model is equipped with the driver detection system, which increases the safety when operating this trucks. When the driver is out of the cabin, the truck stops automatically.  
It is important to note that this model of stand-in powered truck provides complete protection for the driver standing sidewise to the travel direction. 


Model Capacity, kg Battery capacity (Аh) Speed (km/h)  
LSE200 2000 620 10 Check the price

Maximum speed to 10.5 km/h.

Stand-in model of the powered pallet truck has the following features:
  • Compact size
  • Simple and convenient control 
  • Lifting forks are convenient for use in premises with uneven or sloped floor surfaces
  • Allows carrying-out of multisided operations without change of the driver’s position
  • Allows delivering loads to the work places, transportation in freight elevator with little effort of the driver

On the Customer’s request, this model of powered pallet truck can be equipped with the operating panel located at an angle of 45 degree to provide maximum comfort for the operator.