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We offer

Forklifts (diesel/gas/petrol)

Are essential for cargo-handling operations in warehouses and other places.

Load Capacity (gas/petrol)
Load Capacity (diesel)

Electric forklifts

Electric forklifts are used for handling operations in rack-type indoor warehouses, at enterprises of the food, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Load Capacity

Hydraulic pallet trucks

They are used for handling of palletized cargo in shops, warehouses, subsidiary and other premises.

Load Capacity, kg

Powered Pallet Trucks

Allow increasing the speed of handling of materials, thereby lightening the work of the operator.

Load Capacity

(Powered) stackers

Used for various warehouse operations with lifting height up to 6.3 meters. 

Load Capacity

Order Pickers

Designed for improvement of orders picking process.

Load Capacity

Reach trucks

Designed for warehouse works optimization.

Reach trucks

Narrow aisle trucks

When choosing warehouse stackers for operation in narrow working zones, first of all, it is the issue of how to use the warehouse to the maximum.

Load Capacity

Towing tractors

Towing tractors is the best solution in conditions of a horizontal transportation of cargos. 

Load Capacity

Other machinery and equipment

The machinery used in various spheres when performing various tasks.

Bucket mini-loaders

Construction Machinery

Floor cleaning machines

Professional type of floor washing machine designed for cleaning of floor with various surface textures manufactured by recognized Italian producers.

Floor cleaning machines