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Powered Pallet Trucks - pedestrian

  ВТ W-series pedestrian powered pallet trucks are perfect for horizontal pallet transportation and for low to medium intensity order picking. Robust design of all models of pedestrian pallet trucks allows using them for loading or unloading of cars and other transportation means when carrying-out pallet transportation and order picking. Due to simple and convenient control and maintenance-free battery with built-in charger, these powered trucks lighten the operator’s work at any level. 
Pedestrian pallet trucks are represented by the following 6 models and have the lifting capacity of 1300 – 2500 tonnes at 600 mm load centre.


Model Capacity, kg Battery capacity (Аh)  
LWE130 1300 63 Check the price
LWE140 1400 150 Check the price
LWE160 1600 225 Check the price
LWE180 1800 300 Check the price
LWE200 2000 300 Check the price
LWE250 2500 300 Check the price

Maximum speed to 6 km/h

LWE130 model (for light operations):
  • Simple and convenient control
  • Availability of BT Castorlink system, which provides excellent stability and safety for the operator and load;
  • Maintenance-free batteries with built-in charger
  • Fork length of 1150 mm
LWE140/LWE160/LWE180/LWE200/LWE250 models (for horizontal transportation and order picking): 
  • Easy control of all functions
  • Fork length up to 2350 mm
  • PIN-code entry system (the operator is able to preset the parameters, such as acceleration, speed and deceleration. After PIN-code entry, the truck operates in accordance with the preset parameters)
  • Excellent fork visibility
  • Click-2-Creep feature allowing to creep the truck’s speed, when maneuvering in very confined areas
  • Availability of BT Powerdrive system, which provides high performance end efficiency of the powered truck
  • Availability of BT Castorlink system, which provides excellent stability
  • Convenient display at the handle, which allows to perform a lot of functions, availability of hour-meter and low battery indicator
  • Rollery system providing excellent stability
  • Safety system comprises parking brake and emergency brake
  • Easy access to all components for maintenance 

Subject to model of the pedestrian powered trucks, the following additional options can be provided: 
  • Load support
  • Low-temperature oil for operation at low temperatures
  • Built-in charger
  • Possibility to install the clipboard for documents, computer, etc.
  • Tray for documents etc.
  • Choice of non-standard fork length and width