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Reach trucks - stand-in

Toyota 7FBR stand-in reach trucks (high-altitude stackers) have smooth control thanks to the use of alternating current energy and other technological features. Traction effort control system allows reducing wheel skidding when the stacker takes off. Computer control of the braking system allows reducing its braking path and rear wheel slippage. The load capacity of Toyota reach trucks is up to 3000 kg, maximum lift height – up to 7000 mm.


Model Capacity, kg Turning radius (outside), mm  
7FBR10 1000 1320 Check the price
7FBR13 1250 1470 Check the price
7FBR15 1500 1560 Check the price
7FBR18 1800 1710 Check the price
7FBR20 2000 1750 Check the price
7FBR25 2500 2330 Check the price
7FBR30 3000 2000 Check the price

The standard lift height - 3000 mm. Also it is possible to equip the forklifts with masts of the extended height of 3000 mm to 6000 mm.

Toyota 7FBR reach trucks (high-altitude stackers) have the following features:
  • Increased maneuvering ability in constrained areas or wet road surfaces thanks to innovative control of clutch and braking
  • Increased level of stability when turning and extending (use of SAS analogue)
  • Superior comfort and optimal control for an operator
  • Choice of different speed levels with a possibility to save energy
  • Three types of regeneration systems (when releasing pedal, changing direction, braking)
  • Built in electronic power steering which ensures the maximum easiness of running with minimum effort

  • Multifunctional lever (replaces steering wheel and levers; controls movement, trucking operations, acoustical signal and a lateral movement of the bogie)
  • Models for work in chilled or low-temperature premises
  • Laser marking (for more accurate lift of the mast and cargo to the specified height)
  • Rear rubber bumper (for protection of stackers in narrow passages, etc.)
  • Sideguard for the operator
  • Diode head lighting
  • Load capacity indicator at the display
  • Protective grating