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Construction Machinery - rough terrain forklifts

Manitou rough terrain forklifts are perfect for construction and mining industry. Special feature of this machinery is in its heavy-going mobility. This feature includes raised ground clearance, excellent ergonomics and simple design. This machinery will help you to perform work quickly and with high quality.


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Model Capacity, kg Lifting height up , m  
M-X 30-2/ M-X 30-4 3000 3.7 Check the price
M-X 50-2/ M-X 50-4 5000 3.7 Check the price
M-X 70-2 7000 4 Check the price

Manitou rough terrain forkliftshave the following characteristics:

  • Cabin with extensive overview;
  • Convenient location of operating levers;
  • Easy and quick access for maintenance;
  • Four-speedgearbox; 
  • Possibility to choose a driving speed on even surfaces and impassable roads.